The pen is mightier than the Mitt Romney

As the inevitability of dreary Mitt Romney's candidacy for President for the GOP becomes inescapable, one has to wonder — will today's character artists be able to make fun of him?

Will he be a target-rich opportunity, as exemplified by the likes of Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton, or will he just be bland, like Dick Cheney? 

The truth is, he seems to be coming into focus slowly. The great Mike Lukovich highlights the blurriness around his eyes — who is this man? 


Most of the attempts available from not well known artists do not impress, but there are surprises, such as this one from Adam Zyglis

Toles, as usual, tends to dominate, but today's sketch is particuarly rich


But to my eyes, the most evolved — and dangerous — characterization comes from Ted Rall. 

The mitt-bot
The Mitt-Bot. 

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