Going to Extremes in 2020

Is it a coincidence that as the climate in which we live is thrown out of balance — becoming increasingly unpredictable and extreme — that by freakishly bad luck we happen to elect the most unpredictable and extreme president in memory? This is what dystopia really looks like to me: a government completely unable toContinue reading “Going to Extremes in 2020”

The climate “pause” that didn’t refresh: Tom Toles

This month has seen a number of studies showing that the much-discussed "hiatus" or "pause" in global warming reported by the IPCC two years ago was a misreading of the data. In the words of Nature: “The bottom line is that the IPCC reported that the rate of warming was less in the last 15Continue reading “The climate “pause” that didn’t refresh: Tom Toles”

Uncorking catastrophic climate change? Tom Toles

As usual, Tom Toles finds a funny way to dramatize a disaster: a methane explosion in Siberia.  Which raises the question: Well, how dangerous is the methane that is emerging from the Arctic? Is it just blowing holes in the permafrost, or does it presage global atmospheric doom? It's not a small volume of methane,Continue reading “Uncorking catastrophic climate change? Tom Toles”

Polar Vortex images (from first week of 2013)

A number of publications last week published compendiums of amazing images from the polar vortex's drunken stagger, in Chris Mooney's wonderful story, across nearly all the nation save drought-stricken CA. Frozen lakes, waterfalls, etc. Here's NASA's GOES satellite picture: Fine. But what about the vortex of public reaction? Tom Toles sketches that one:

Speaking of “Biblical” flooding in Colorado…

Chris Mooney is now reporting on climate for Grist, which is great news in and of itself. His latest post looks at the huge and deadly floods of this past week in Colorado, and tries to answer the obvious question — did climate change contribute to or worsen these floods? The answer is not aContinue reading “Speaking of “Biblical” flooding in Colorado…”

Hurricane Sandy has a question for our politics

Toles frames the question:  Eugene Robinson follows up:  The words “climate change” were not spoken during the presidential debates. Hurricane Sandy wants to know why. Or, as Terry Tempest Williams tweeted:  So ironic: no mention of Nature or wildness in the presidential debates and now, it is commanding force in chief. We are forced toContinue reading “Hurricane Sandy has a question for our politics”