Obama to blame for drought: John Boehner (R – Ohio)

Today John Boehner, who leads the Republican majority in the House, pointed the finger of blame at President Obama for the drought withering the Midwest.

No, really.

According to the Financial Times (reg. required) he said that

"…the president continues to blame anyone and everyone for the drought but himself.” 

Okay, maybe he just omitted a word or two. Seemingly Boehner meant to refer to legislation passed by the House but stalled in the Senate that would offer financial relief to farmers, says the LA Times. Democrats want to help farmers too, but have some different ideas on how best to do that, including conservation measures.  

But that's complicated. So much easier to just blame the President, even for the worst drought in the Midwest in fifty years, according to the National Weather Service's Climate Prediction Center:

Or is it that Boehner so accustomed to blaming the Democratic President for any and all problems in these United States that it's become a reflex action? 

Update: in a clarification posted on his website, Boehner's office now says "that the president is blaming others for failing to respond to the drought when he has yet to urge Senate Democrats to adopt a bipartisan drought-relief measure passed by the House."

Ah! This is about Paul Ryan, whom the President charged with failing to compromise on the farm bill in Iowa today. Perhaps Boehner didn't want to give the President any ammuniition by mentioning Ryan's name. 

Published by Kit Stolz

I'm a freelance reporter and writer based in Ventura County.

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