GOP takes climate change denial to the next level

The GOP's war on science gets worse, writes Elizabeth Kolbert, noting that the House GOP cut $300 million from NASA's budget for earth sciences (including climate) on the childish old theory that ignoring a problem will make it go away. That same week The New Yorker, for which Kolbert writes, came up with an evenContinue reading “GOP takes climate change denial to the next level”

Obama to blame for drought: John Boehner (R – Ohio)

Today John Boehner, who leads the Republican majority in the House, pointed the finger of blame at President Obama for the drought withering the Midwest. No, really. According to the Financial Times (reg. required) he said that "…the president continues to blame anyone and everyone for the drought but himself.”  Okay, maybe he just omittedContinue reading “Obama to blame for drought: John Boehner (R – Ohio)”

House budget makes climate change go away (not)

The budgeting story from the Washington Post over the proposed National Climate Service, comparable to the National Weather Service. Here are the last four graphs: In the NOAA budget battle, the Democratic-led Senate approved most of the climate service in its budget. The Republican-led House approved none of it. [edit] After the deal, which passed Congress lastContinue reading “House budget makes climate change go away (not)”

GOP backs “skeptic” scientist who mirrors Hansen’s data

Look familiar?  The blue line in the above graph represents the global temperature dataset gathered by James Hansen and his team at GISS/NASA over the last twenty years. Hansen has presented this chard and this data countless times at countless talks on countless occasions around the world.  The black line represents a "skeptical" scientist's interpretationContinue reading “GOP backs “skeptic” scientist who mirrors Hansen’s data”