What is the use of forty days in the wilderness?

From a defense of solitude in wilderness, called Forty Days, by Paul Kingsnorth:

Sometimes you need to go, and sometimes you need to stay away for some time. The world we have created is terrifying in its complexity and power and in its ability to destroy the small, the precious, the immeasurable and the meaningful, inside you and in the places around you. Perhaps to a political activist, sitting by a stream in a forest seems like self-indulgence in the face of mass extinction and climate change, but it is the opposite. If you don't know why that stream matters, you are not equipped to protect it. If you have forgotten how to listen to it, you may end up on the wrong side, as so many have before you.

Yes, but must say that Kingsnorth himself admits that right now he has no time for forty days in the wilderness. Even as he sternly declares that "if you don't put yourself in the wilderness with nothing to carry you, you will never know what you need to shed or gain." Guess he's honest, but – 

What he cannot do, I can, at least for a week here and there…back on the trail this month. 


[via Jeff Sullivan, who makes his stunning photos freely available on web] 

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