Hillary as an action hero: take two

Apparently Clinton as a killer is “a thing” as they say in pop culture.



















Turns out that the artist, Sarah Sole, has been “obsessed” with Hillary for years. She told the New York Times a year or two ago that she “bankrupted” herself painting these quasi-Warholish images of Clinton, including sexual images, when no one cared.

Now a left-wing writer for Harper’s, Doug Henwood, has written a critical book about Clinton, called My Turn: Hillary Clinton Targets the White House, and the artist allowed him to use the picture as its cover.

To me this speaks to a turning point in the culture: Clinton, long hated by the right, has learned how to give as good as she gets, and critics on right and left now understand that. The cover stirred up controversy: some thought it “disgusting,” according to a Politico story.

To the artist, however, the picture comes “from a place of love.”

“I love Hillary Clinton, I support Hillary Clinton, I very much want her to be president. I will certainly vote for her,” she told the International Business Times.

As a former analyst for the movie industry, I believe her. To be a killer is to demand respect in our pop culture. For good or ill.

Published by Kit Stolz

I'm a freelance reporter and writer based in Ventura County.

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