Chris Christie “doesn’t buy” climate change

As David Roberts of Grist/Vox has been saying for literally years now, the GOP base is batshit crazy, and as a result, Republican candidates have to compete to out-crazy each other when it comes to climate.

How low can they go? How uninformed, willfully ignorant, and flat-out irrational can they possibly be? It’s the most Through the Looking Glass performance available in American politics today, surely.

Chris Christie six months ago declared that climate change was “real,” and indicated that unlike the rest of the GOP presidential candidates he knew that humans contributed, and got the reputation as a moderate.

Now he’s evidently trying to put his unsavory past as a climate change believer behind him, and today he scoffed at the very idea of climate disruption:

// full transcript of the interview is astonishing  — more context just makes the aggressive ignorance plainer. ChristieScarboroughtranscript    //

No, of course not. Whew. Now that, that would be crazy.


Published by Kit Stolz

I'm a freelance reporter and writer based in Ventura County.

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