A day in Paris for the climate

Where does one start with the news from Paris, from COP21? With the speech from the President? Images from the fantastically imaginative demonstrations from the day before, in defiance of police authority, of shoes left in protest in the Place de la Republique?


Or with the fatalism of so many scientists, who agree that the agreements will not be enough to hold the planet to 2 degrees warmer Celsius — about three and a half degrees for Americans?

Probably with the Pope, who pollsters say brought about 10% of Americans to a position of belief in the factuality and seriousness of global warming — a huge shift.

“I can say to you ‘now or never’,” he told a group of reporters aboard the papal plane, en route home from Africa, according to Reuters. “Every year the problems are getting worse. We are at the limits. If I may use a strong word I would say that we are at the limits of suicide.”

The Pope, a climate activist! I still can’t fully believe that — but boy am I grateful.

Published by Kit Stolz

I'm a freelance reporter and writer based in Ventura County.

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