Soul-making is a crafting, said James Hillman

Soul-making is like any other imaginative activity. It requires crafting, just as does politics, agriculture, the arts, love relations, war, or the winning of any natural resource. What is given won’t get us through; something must be made of it. 

From The Dream and the Underworld, by James Hillman, a deeply informed exploration of the depths of the dream, the uses and abuses of dreaming. He suggests the elusive and barely glimpsed quality of the dream is the dream’s way to stay free, and avoid the knowing thinking self. The dream has its own reasons, in other words, its own methods. You have to work with it to understand yourself, and where you stand in the universe.

An enthralling book for dreamers curious to explore the link between dreaming, the soul, and consciousness.

This book was recommended reading for the marvelous, wonderful, strange, enthralling Great Mother Conference for 2019, which I was fortunate to attend with many other wonderful people.

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I'm a freelance reporter and writer based in Ventura County.

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