Soul-making is a crafting, said James Hillman

Soul-making is like any other imaginative activity. It requires crafting, just as does politics, agriculture, the arts, love relations, war, or the winning of any natural resource. What is given won’t get us through; something must be made of it.  From The Dream and the Underworld, by James Hillman, a deeply informed exploration of theContinue reading “Soul-making is a crafting, said James Hillman”

Be true to your depression: James Hillman

The late great Jungian analyst James Hillman, on depression. Christian myth, the soul, and the path depression offers to those who experience it.  From his compilation A Blue Fire: "Depression. Because Christ resurrects, moments of despair, darkening, and desertion cannot be valid in themselves. Our one model insists on light at the end of theContinue reading “Be true to your depression: James Hillman”

What We Pray to Ourselves For Is Always Granted

Today's it's a cliche to say: Be Careful What You Pray For; in fact (in the movies at least) you can see God Himself explaining the concept. But 150 years ago, one of this nation's greatest writers formulated a similar thought with far more care and thoughtfulness. Wrote Ralph Waldo Emerson (in The Conduct ofContinue reading “What We Pray to Ourselves For Is Always Granted”