Reporter brings science to politics of climate

Reporters can fall into ruts and become predictable and dull, like anyone else, so it’s worth noting when a veteran reporter tries a new trick. Such was the case this past week, as the Associated Press’s Seth Borenstein, a veteran reporter who continues to cover big daily stories, tried something original with the political candidates’Continue reading “Reporter brings science to politics of climate”

Ben Carson’s shameful past — as a nerd!

Yesterday the Wall Street Journal joined the chorus of media outlets scrutinizing Ben Carson’s past (as detailed in his memoir). Like CNN and the Washington Post, they discovered it’s a lot less colorful than Carson and his co-writer claimed. The WSJ concludes: One reason that Mr. Carson’s stories are difficult to check is that he navigatedContinue reading “Ben Carson’s shameful past — as a nerd!”

Internet erodes the interview: Chuck Klosterman

Fascinating insight on the 21st century and the interview in reporting and writing from a Q & A with Chuck Klosterman: I feel like in general that the art of the interview has been eroded by the rise of the Internet. It’s taken away the necessity of [doing them] but it still seems to meContinue reading “Internet erodes the interview: Chuck Klosterman”

Limbaugh’s Big Lie on immigration in California

Predictably, radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh is cheerleading for GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump and his demagoguery on immigration. Birds of a feather stick together, to put it as gently as possible. Limbaugh’s blast today (from his transcript) includes a lot of fulminating against “the Beltway” and the media, of course, but it also includesContinue reading “Limbaugh’s Big Lie on immigration in California”

Homeless man saves a CA beach: The Week

Today the popular news magazine The Week republished the story I wrote for Latterly on Walter Fuller and Ormond Beach that, may I say, changed Walter Fuller’s life. He’s famous now, and his work is better supported than ever before. So for the record, let me post it again, and this time as a tweetContinue reading “Homeless man saves a CA beach: The Week”

How the LAPD fired Ted Rall from the LATimes

Long time readers of this blog may recall my affectionate referencing of some of his ‘toons, on those rare occasions when he turns his attention to climate and environmental topics. (Here’s a 2012 classic of his, sez me, on The Fun of Ignorning Climate Change.) Rall is leftier than I am, and much angrier atContinue reading “How the LAPD fired Ted Rall from the LATimes”

Global warming gas tax fails to outrage Californians

Don't tell anyone, but the California plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is working. So writes business columnist Michael Hiltzik in today's LATimes. He begins by quoting the leading state official on the subject of air pollution. "We think we do have a good story to tell," says Mary D. Nichols, chairwoman of the CaliforniaContinue reading “Global warming gas tax fails to outrage Californians”

Two California greats report on the drought: public yawns

On the front page of the LATimes today, news that Californians are not rising to the challenge of the drought. Cumulative water savings since last summer totaled only 8.6% compared with the same 10-month period in 2013, the baseline year for savings calculations. And in March, California residents and businesses used 3.6% less water thanContinue reading “Two California greats report on the drought: public yawns”

In the end, Guardian editor puts Earth on front page

At the end of a distinguished career at The Guardian, editor-in-chief Alan Rusbridger thinks back over his long tenure. With a few months left to serve one of the finest reporting and writing operations of news on the planet, does he have any regrets? Not many, he says, except that he thinks because of theContinue reading “In the end, Guardian editor puts Earth on front page”

Reporter: In defense of the gotcha question

Somebody had to defend the much-despised "gotcha" question.  Ron Fournier, veteran reporter, digs into the legend and finds all kinds of juicy examples. Writes it up with great depth and precision.  For example, where did the phrase "gotcha" come from? Fournier agrees with another reporter, and suggests that Bill Clinton might have introduced it intoContinue reading “Reporter: In defense of the gotcha question”