Buzzfeed takes on Trump

The most successful of the so-called “new media” is probably Buzzfeed, but the truth is, they have more to offer than cute cat antics. This week in two separate stories they called out Donald Trump for hypocrisy. In Florida, in a story called Donald Trump vs Sea Level Rise, reporter Peter Aldous points out thatContinue reading “Buzzfeed takes on Trump”

House Republicans Vote Unanimously Against Obama Stimulus: Risky?

Using a poker metaphor, publius argues that the House GOP today took a big chance by voting unanimously against Obama and the Democrats economic stimulus plan: That’s…what the House Republicans did today when they voted unanimously against the stimulus – they went all in before the flop.  And now they too are completely at theContinue reading “House Republicans Vote Unanimously Against Obama Stimulus: Risky?”