Buzzfeed takes on Trump

The most successful of the so-called “new media” is probably Buzzfeed, but the truth is, they have more to offer than cute cat antics. This week in two separate stories they called out Donald Trump for hypocrisy. In Florida, in a story called Donald Trump vs Sea Level Rise, reporter Peter Aldous points out thatContinue reading “Buzzfeed takes on Trump”

How the poor go from food stamps to “food swamps”

All year the Washington Post has been running a series on food stamps that will drop your jaw, but probably the best of all has been this report from South Texas called Too Much of Too Little: McAllen, Tex. — They were already running late for a doctor’s appointment, but first the Salas family hurried intoContinue reading “How the poor go from food stamps to “food swamps””

An emerging environmental/minority climate coalition?

In the Nation, Mark Hertsgaard outlines the possibility of an emerging majority coalition composed of minority and environmental voters: "Just as Latinos overwhelmingly supported Obama over Romney, they also—along with African-Americans, Asian-Americans and youth of all races—demonstrate the highest levels of support for action against climate change and air pollution, according to extensive polling data.  InContinue reading “An emerging environmental/minority climate coalition?”