How much of our climate change fear real? (Achenbach)

Joel Achenbach is a super-popular writer for the Washington Post who happens to be interested in science-y developments such as climate change, asteroids, and disasters. He's also a man with a giant pen, or, perhaps these days, keyboard. He can write! So refreshing in science, may I say. His latest thinking out loud, from thisContinue reading “How much of our climate change fear real? (Achenbach)”

A journo’s complaint about websites

Joel Achenbach is touring college campuses with his daugher, and, no doubt, embarrassing her horribly. Here he rants memorably against a certain irritating habit of spokespeople: …journalism [is] a field in which every query directed to a potential source draws the response, "You should look at our Web site." Many a time I have toContinue reading “A journo’s complaint about websites”

Needed: Anti-Hysteria Czar

So argues the great Washington Post reporter/columnist Joel Achenbach: Is it my imagination or in recent years has hysteria become the default response to anything even slightly controversial or offensive? So the head of Whole Foods says in an Op-Ed that he doesn't like the health care reform proposals. Liberals are aghast. The company mustContinue reading “Needed: Anti-Hysteria Czar”

Understanding the Iowa Floods: Achenbach Helps

Finally, a reporter (Joel Achenbach, who also has a great and hugely popular blog) helps us understand what is happening in Iowa, instead of just reeling off a bunch of numbers about flood levels: As the Cedar River rose higher and higher, and as he stacked sandbags along the levee protecting downtown Cedar Falls, KamyarContinue reading “Understanding the Iowa Floods: Achenbach Helps”