Could the Australian floods be caused by climate change?

Are the devastating and deadly recent floods in Australia caused by climate change? No. Australia has always been "a land of drought and flooding rains," as a foundational poem about the nation, My Country, by Dorothy McKellar, described it over a hundred years ago.  But could a tendency towards drought and flood be worsened by climate change?Continue reading “Could the Australian floods be caused by climate change?”

Understanding the Iowa Floods: Achenbach Helps

Finally, a reporter (Joel Achenbach, who also has a great and hugely popular blog) helps us understand what is happening in Iowa, instead of just reeling off a bunch of numbers about flood levels: As the Cedar River rose higher and higher, and as he stacked sandbags along the levee protecting downtown Cedar Falls, KamyarContinue reading “Understanding the Iowa Floods: Achenbach Helps”

Cloudy with a Chance of Chaos

Tom Englehardt, of TomDispatch and The Nation, brings us a terrific essay by a Utah writer named Chip Ward. It focuses on what has gone wrong with bees in this country, with unusual depth (and grasp of the English language), but also offers a way forward different from our present path, and touches on theContinue reading “Cloudy with a Chance of Chaos”