LA Times: out of the fire, into the Eisner frying pan?

The Los Angeles Times is in the middle of a bankruptcy proceeding that is opaque, to say the least, from the outside; it's shed literally hundreds of reporters and editors over the last few years, its circulation has plummeted…but despite all that, it's been on fire this summer. Its series on the public pensions inContinue reading “LA Times: out of the fire, into the Eisner frying pan?”

More, Better War in Afghanistan, Promises Bush

Cheney or the equivalent says it’s "The re-Americanization of the war." 40,000 or more troops: nearly two-thirds the total in Afghanistan. Up from an original number of 5,000. NATO nations refuse to live up to earlier promises to help in the war effort. Gee I wonder why not. [Soldiers of the Kalagush Provincial Reconstruction TeamContinue reading “More, Better War in Afghanistan, Promises Bush”