Past and future wars, by Donald Hall

Donald Hall has a new book out, which is always an occasion for celebration around these parts. Here's a sample poem from Poetry Daily, in which in his characteristically light, quick way, Hall brings together his future (in the past) and his past (in his present-day memory):  The Bone Ring The summer when I sawContinue reading “Past and future wars, by Donald Hall”

Tom Friedman, Cut to Shreds

Matt Taibbi is the writer as slasher. When you finish with one of his pieces you feel a little light-headed, as you might feel if you were a tough guy, and had just rolled some local thug. But the thing is, in Taibbi's case, the thug (be it Bush, Palin, or Erica Jong) always seemsContinue reading “Tom Friedman, Cut to Shreds”

More, Better War in Afghanistan, Promises Bush

Cheney or the equivalent says it’s "The re-Americanization of the war." 40,000 or more troops: nearly two-thirds the total in Afghanistan. Up from an original number of 5,000. NATO nations refuse to live up to earlier promises to help in the war effort. Gee I wonder why not. [Soldiers of the Kalagush Provincial Reconstruction TeamContinue reading “More, Better War in Afghanistan, Promises Bush”