A theatrical metaphor for climate change: Alcoholism

A survey of climate change in theater here and in the UK in the New York Times focuses mostly on "This Clement World,"  a new musical play by Cynthia Hopkins, and includes a telling quote from the writer: “Alcoholism is an excellent metaphor for the climate change crisis,” she announces at one point onstage. “We’reContinue reading “A theatrical metaphor for climate change: Alcoholism”

The not-in-denial drinker: Dwight Macdonald

Asked once why he drank so much, critic and editor Dwight Macdonald replied: "I'm an alcoholic, Goddammit it!"  From a really terrific NYTimes Book Review piece on a new collection of Macdonald's acerbic criticism, Dwight Macdonald's War on Mediocrity, last Sunday. Few reviews are so entertaining, but then, few critics (or writers, for that matter)Continue reading “The not-in-denial drinker: Dwight Macdonald”