GOP takes climate change denial to the next level

The GOP's war on science gets worse, writes Elizabeth Kolbert, noting that the House GOP cut $300 million from NASA's budget for earth sciences (including climate) on the childish old theory that ignoring a problem will make it go away. That same week The New Yorker, for which Kolbert writes, came up with an evenContinue reading “GOP takes climate change denial to the next level”

For Earth Day, Obama goes to Florida

Prez Obama appears to be really trying to reach the public re: climate change. He gave his usual good speech about the subject on Earth Day, but this one suspects his most convincing point on climate change may be a simple recitation of some personal facts.  As he said yesterday: Just last weekend, Michelle andContinue reading “For Earth Day, Obama goes to Florida”

A really dumb reason not to believe in climate change

From Congressman Jeff Miller of Florida, who doesn't believe in climate change, and somehow thinks this has something to do with the dinosaurs. Via a year-end wrap-up of dumbness by Steve Brodner at GQ: Yes, he really does believe that humans can't cause climate change, because the dinosaurs went extinct. Go figure. 

Climate change denial stands on one leg: Money

Chris Hayes throws a fit over climate denial and inaction tonight on his MSNBC show: Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy     Extensively quotes from a speech of true outrage and conviction on climate conservation, seventeen minutes long, delivered on the Senate floor by Senator Sheldon WhitehouseContinue reading “Climate change denial stands on one leg: Money”

How to deny climate change with Antarctic sea ice record

A recent study, brilliantly explained in November by the Guardian, lays out the story of a slight but consistent rise in the extent of Antarctic sea ice. The mystery of the expansion of sea ice around Antarctica, at the same time as global warming is melting swaths of Arctic sea ice, has been solved using data from US military satellites. TwoContinue reading “How to deny climate change with Antarctic sea ice record”

The conventions and global warming: Let’s forget

Jonathan Chait points out some perfectly obvious but little noticed national jujitsu that Bill Clinton threw us for last night:  In an otherwise factual and persuasive speech, Bill Clinton made one argument so astonishingly brass I half-expected the crowd to laugh him out of the hall. It came when Clinton cited his own presidency asContinue reading “The conventions and global warming: Let’s forget”

Climate change denial at Drudge

The day after an excellent story by Justin Gillis in the Times lays out the impact of climate change denial in the GOP re: science, the popular right-wing Drudge site headlines theastonishing number of weather-related disasters that hit the U.S. this year — 2011: The year in extreme weather. Included was a NASA satellite pictureContinue reading “Climate change denial at Drudge”

The not-in-denial drinker: Dwight Macdonald

Asked once why he drank so much, critic and editor Dwight Macdonald replied: "I'm an alcoholic, Goddammit it!"  From a really terrific NYTimes Book Review piece on a new collection of Macdonald's acerbic criticism, Dwight Macdonald's War on Mediocrity, last Sunday. Few reviews are so entertaining, but then, few critics (or writers, for that matter)Continue reading “The not-in-denial drinker: Dwight Macdonald”

It’s not the heat, it’s…

From Rob Rogers of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: In some cases of denial, it's stupidity. In some cases, it's insanity. But as Rogers said: The heat dome that has been gripping the nation has been unbearable. It is almost as unbearable as people who still refuse to believe in climate change. While one hot summer isContinue reading “It’s not the heat, it’s…”