The American pine-nut vs. climate change: NPR

A week or so ago had the privilege of living in the western fringe of the pine-nut forest of the Southwest and became fascinated with these super-hardy and super-productive trees, upon which so much life in this region depends. (Not so much human life these days, true, but once upon a time.)  So today IContinue reading “The American pine-nut vs. climate change: NPR”

Reagan and American Ruin (USA! USA! USA!)

From the jaw-dropping Andrew Becevich of The American Conservative: As portrayed by [President Jimmy] Carter, the mistaken idea of freedom was quantitative: it centered on the never-ending quest for more while exalting narrow self-interest. His conception of authentic freedom was qualitative: it meant living in accordance with permanent values. At least by implication, it meantContinue reading “Reagan and American Ruin (USA! USA! USA!)”