The American pine-nut vs. climate change: NPR

A week or so ago had the privilege of living in the western fringe of the pine-nut forest of the Southwest and became fascinated with these super-hardy and super-productive trees, upon which so much life in this region depends. (Not so much human life these days, true, but once upon a time.)  So today IContinue reading “The American pine-nut vs. climate change: NPR”

Okay, this blogging thing is getting out of hand

Wondering where that cold air over California is coming from?  Do your own jetstream tracking at home, via NOAA, and find out!  No, I'm not kidding. That's what Bad Mom, Good Mom did, and then wrote up the scientific recipe for home consumption, in a post called Do you know where that's been?  Here's aContinue reading “Okay, this blogging thing is getting out of hand”