Camping on Angel Island (the beta)

Countless folks warned myself and the fam last weekend to watch out for the fog on Angel Island (as if I didn't know that the San Francisco Bay could get foggy in the summer). This maybe is a difference between locals (who have to live with the fog for months at a time, and wearyContinue reading “Camping on Angel Island (the beta)”

where I am today…in the middle of San Francisco bay….

On Angel Island with my family, camping out…something one couldn't do not so long ago. Where is Angel Island? In San Francisco Bay…a lovely, wooded island, with a few buildings from a century ago, and a few new campsites. Will report soon. Here's a woodcut print from the inimitable Tom Killion, from a perspective atopContinue reading “where I am today…in the middle of San Francisco bay….”