Wishing to get away from it all: Dusy Basin

From the great Tom Killion, one of his latest: Killion often goes for bold, almost surreal colors in his woodcut art, but for the Sierras, espeically at night, likes deep blue tones. Love the contrast between the austere mountains and the warm little human shelter. So true.   The Dusy basin is a gorgeous bowlContinue reading “Wishing to get away from it all: Dusy Basin”

The Sierras: A lot younger than they look

The Sierra Nevada mountains are nowhere near as old as they look; geologically, they're shockingly young. That's the news from David Perlman, a science writer for the San Francisco Chronicle.  The mountains of the Sierra Nevada are still rising, and they're a lot younger than most scientists previously thought. That's the conclusion of Earth scientists inContinue reading “The Sierras: A lot younger than they look”

where I am today…in the middle of San Francisco bay….

On Angel Island with my family, camping out…something one couldn't do not so long ago. Where is Angel Island? In San Francisco Bay…a lovely, wooded island, with a few buildings from a century ago, and a few new campsites. Will report soon. Here's a woodcut print from the inimitable Tom Killion, from a perspective atopContinue reading “where I am today…in the middle of San Francisco bay….”