Naked Hiking Day on the Appalachian Trail

Chris Nottoli, with whom I hiked for a week on the AT in April, is still at it, has passed the thousnad-mile mark, found a band of fellow thru-hikers, and appropriately celebrated Naked Hiking Day a month ago.  To see his charming posts from the trail go to Walk It Off, Nottoli. 

Rilke: gathering the sweetnessnesses of plant love

While walking the Appalachian Trail with a friend a couple of weeks ago, all through Georgia and into far western North Carolina I found myself in the company of wild violets. Brought to mind this quote from the fourth of Rilke's wide-ranging and ever-fascinating Letters to a Young Poet: …all beauty in plants and animalsContinue reading “Rilke: gathering the sweetnessnesses of plant love”

Palin’s Little Sister Goes Rogue on the Appalachian Trail

The insta-celebrity Carrie Prejean, right-wing heroine and defrocked beauty queen, has been brought low by that most embarrassing of all self-destructive acts…a sex tape. According to Google Trends, her (unreleased) sex tape was the hottest search item on Google Trends a couple of days ago, and the chart still looks like a rocket going up.  Continue reading “Palin’s Little Sister Goes Rogue on the Appalachian Trail”