Even Sarah Palin’s best friends don’t believe her

From Timothy Egan in his Grifters Tale in The New York Times: If Palin truly believed in the Tea Partiers and their discontent, she would not be charging $100,000 to stoke their fears [at an upcoming convention]. She can do that for free, on Fox. And what policy solutions does she offer the troubled middleContinue reading “Even Sarah Palin’s best friends don’t believe her”

Palin’s Little Sister Goes Rogue on the Appalachian Trail

The insta-celebrity Carrie Prejean, right-wing heroine and defrocked beauty queen, has been brought low by that most embarrassing of all self-destructive acts…a sex tape. According to Google Trends, her (unreleased) sex tape was the hottest search item on Google Trends a couple of days ago, and the chart still looks like a rocket going up.  Continue reading “Palin’s Little Sister Goes Rogue on the Appalachian Trail”

Sarah Palin: A Job in Heels with Cross-Eyes

If you find the Palin phenomenon fascinating, if alarmingly irrational, you will want to read the astounding rant on the subject from Matt Taibii, not published by Rolling Stone, but available via True/Slant. Here's a selection: Palin’s paranoid ramblings and self-pitying tantrums on the way out of office not only didn’t injure her chances forContinue reading “Sarah Palin: A Job in Heels with Cross-Eyes”

Are You Calling McCain a Liar? Ummm, yes…

"The McCain campaign said Governor Palin opposed the Bridge to Nowhere, but now we know she supported it. They said she didn’t seek earmarks, but now we know she hired a lobbyist to get millions in pork for her town and her state. They said she visited Iraq, but today we learned that she onlyContinue reading “Are You Calling McCain a Liar? Ummm, yes…”

Is McCain Losing It?

Yesterday, he claimed to a hard-nosed TV reporter from Maine who wanted to know what experience Sarah Palin has in the field of national security that "she knows more about energy than probably anyone else in the United States of America." Today on "The View" he claimed that as governor she never asked nor acceptedContinue reading “Is McCain Losing It?”

Palin Did Not Ban Books — But She Did Try to Fire the Librarian

A list of the books Sarah Palin allegedly tried to ban from the Wasilla Library has been circulating at the speed of light: don’t believe it. According to Snopes, the list (supposedly taken from the library minutes) is bogus (here). Further, the book blog from the Los Angeles Times, Jacket Copy, takes a closer lookContinue reading “Palin Did Not Ban Books — But She Did Try to Fire the Librarian”

Conservative: McCain-Palin is Bushism, not Reform

Daniel Larison, a columnist/blogger for the fascinatingly unpredictable American Conservative, in a column sharply points out (here) that the McCain-Palin ticket represents not reform, but a all-out continuation of "Bushism." In the warped universe of Bush Republicanism, McCain/Palin was the relatively moderate alternative to the extreme [Joe] Lieberman option.  In truth, by choosing Palin McCainContinue reading “Conservative: McCain-Palin is Bushism, not Reform”

Sarah Palin Has Her Way with Matthew Scully

Sarah Palin’s speech this evening was written by Matthew Scully, a Republican speechwriter, says the WSJ. Scully is a fine writer and gave Palin an solid text, but anyone who has ever read Scully on hunting or factory farms must wonder how he really feels about writing for a candidate who is not only anContinue reading “Sarah Palin Has Her Way with Matthew Scully”