A lone sparrow does not make a spring: April’s jobs report

It's my impression that major news reporting has actually done a pretty good job of separating out the good news from last month's job report from the overall picture. For instance, this morning's LA Times story, from Don Lee:  The country gained 244,000 net jobs last month but still needs about 7 million additional jobsContinue reading “A lone sparrow does not make a spring: April’s jobs report”

Rain! Snow? Rain! Okay, We’ll Take Anything

A couple of months ago, the last time we had any real rain, I was dreaming of enough precipitation to get the creeks flowing again. Didn’t happen. This morning we’re getting what may be the biggest rain of the year to date…in late April! Chances of it starting the creeks in Ventura County (which takesContinue reading “Rain! Snow? Rain! Okay, We’ll Take Anything”