Blaming the media turns vicious: May 2017

If there’s one fact in a tempestuous and confusing political scene that the vast majority of Americans agree about, it’s this: You can’t trust the media. According to Gallup, about 3/4ths of Americans disrespect the media. Among Republicans only 14 percent trust the media. Folks, it’s not daring and rebellious to blame the media forContinue reading “Blaming the media turns vicious: May 2017”

A lone sparrow does not make a spring: April’s jobs report

It's my impression that major news reporting has actually done a pretty good job of separating out the good news from last month's job report from the overall picture. For instance, this morning's LA Times story, from Don Lee:  The country gained 244,000 net jobs last month but still needs about 7 million additional jobsContinue reading “A lone sparrow does not make a spring: April’s jobs report”

Media wakes up to underemployment on Labor Day

Give credit where it's due: both the Los Angeles Times and NPR's Scott Simon ran excellent stories about the difficulty of being unemployed or underemployed this Labor Day weekend. I especially liked the LA Times story, because so often reporting on this topic falls into the either/or trap; that is, either you have a full-timeContinue reading “Media wakes up to underemployment on Labor Day”

“Information Wants to be Free”…

Apparently at the first Hackers' Convention, way back in l984, Stewart Brand declared that "Information wants to be free." It's a great phrase, unless you are a writer, a musician, an artist, or another "content provider," in which case the phrase is a ticket to poverty. The correct translation is, I believe, "people are freakingContinue reading ““Information Wants to be Free”…”