How it feels when the bird goes splat

A couple of years ago I wrote a story about birds and windows, and learned that millions upon millions of birds die every year after hitting windows. Kevin Prufer noticed, as only a poet can: Something hit the office window hard so now there's a smear that won't be washed away until it rains. RedContinue reading “How it feels when the bird goes splat”

Global warming stresses bird marriages

Scientific American has been a surprisingly sexy magazine as of late, with Jesse Bering's classic ode to semen, and now a cheeky look at global warming and bird biology. The headline: Climate Change increases mate-swapping in birds A study by Carlos Botero et al in PLoS ONE reveals that, the mag says: . Birds typicallyContinue reading “Global warming stresses bird marriages”

Celtics Get Off the Mat, Win Round One

Pierce sustains a strained knee; Perkins a strained ankle. But despite hearing "a pop" in his knee, Pierce overcomes the pain, comes out of the locker room. gets back into the game. Hits a couple of big shots, and the Celts pull out tgame one in Boston. Lakers rattle out a dozen shots, lose byContinue reading “Celtics Get Off the Mat, Win Round One”