LA Times calls King Coal a liar

The Los Angeles Times has a heckuva team of environmental reporters, including several Pulitzer Prize winners, but as of late, some of the toughest reporting in the paper has come from Neela Banerjee, who in her latest story in politely calls the coal industry and its employees, the miners, liars. It's fascinating to see how sheContinue reading “LA Times calls King Coal a liar”

How to pitch an article: James Wolcott

From a first rate review by Charles McNulty in the Los Angeles TImes. The witty Wolcott, now at Vanity Fair, first worked at the Village Voice, and learned from reading other pitches how to write to intrigue:  "Avoid preamble — flip the on switch in the first sentence. Find a focal point for your nervous energy,Continue reading “How to pitch an article: James Wolcott”

Climate scientists not pushing back against denialism, says American Geophysical Union

A story Sunday in the Los Angeles Times reported that climate scientists were joining in an effort to "push back" against a rise tide of climate change denial. The story said that Monday the American Geophysical Union would announce an effort by 700 scientists to "speak out as experts." But today the AGU said no,Continue reading “Climate scientists not pushing back against denialism, says American Geophysical Union”

Why did Valero invest $5 million in Prop 23?

As part of a story I wrote a couple of weeks back on Prop 23, I looked briefly at the story from the perspective of Valero, the Texas oil company that has poured millions — five million, to be precise — into the initiative, which is intended to gut AB 32, California's Global Warming SolutionsContinue reading “Why did Valero invest $5 million in Prop 23?”

LA Times to SoCal: Climate Change is Here. Deal with It.

Over the past couple of years I have been critical of the paper for its all-or-nothing coverage of global warming (where they will run enormous stories about climate change in, say, the Arctic, but neglect to mention consequences here in California the US when covering other less-sexy environmental stories not specifically about climate change.)

Economic Stimulus Package: Good News for Yosemite?

At The Los Angeles Times, reporters specializing in science and the environment are becoming something of an endangered species. Before being purchased by real estate tycoon Sam Zell, the newspaper employed over a thousand editors and reporters; now it's about half that, according to the numbers meticulously compiled by the LA Observer. But it's stillContinue reading “Economic Stimulus Package: Good News for Yosemite?”

Richard Halsey: Chaparral is Not for Burning

The Los Angeles Times is quite literally not what it used to be. Just five years ago it employed a thousand or more editors and writers; now it's down to about 600, according to former staffer Kevin Roderick's LA Observed. The daily paper weighs about half, often less, of its older, richer self. One canContinue reading “Richard Halsey: Chaparral is Not for Burning”

It’s No Party at the LA Times

Miguel Bustillo, a first-rate reporter and writer who came up through the ranks of the LA Times, is leaving to take a job with the Wall Street Journal. American journalism is full of LA Times ex-pats: another is  Robert Lee Hotz, was the top writer at the paper on global warming issues before he leftContinue reading “It’s No Party at the LA Times”

Celtics Get Off the Mat, Win Round One

Pierce sustains a strained knee; Perkins a strained ankle. But despite hearing "a pop" in his knee, Pierce overcomes the pain, comes out of the locker room. gets back into the game. Hits a couple of big shots, and the Celts pull out tgame one in Boston. Lakers rattle out a dozen shots, lose byContinue reading “Celtics Get Off the Mat, Win Round One”

LA Times: The Nightmare, Now on Steroids

As new boss Sam Zell hires a passel of executives from Clear Channel to run the newspaper. Via the WSJ: Tribune has hired half a dozen radio executives since Mr. Zell took effective control of the company in a leveraged buyout in December, most prominently Mr. Michaels, a former radio chief for Clear Channel CommunicationsContinue reading “LA Times: The Nightmare, Now on Steroids”