Editorial ‘toons w/facts: illographix from Brodner and Rall

The marvelously talented Steve Brodner, nominated for a prize by the design community, says he is pioneering a semi-new kind of drawing, the "illographix," which involves graphing and charting as well as illustration. Here's one example, worked out with two notables editors, and submitted for a prize:  Not sure how new this concept really is.Continue reading “Editorial ‘toons w/facts: illographix from Brodner and Rall”

Diablo Canyon for Dummies (by Steve Brodner)

Though I'm not crazy about web videos, this is a real charmer, and a good primer about Diablo Canyon, which supplies much of central CA with power.  http://www.slatev.com/media/swfs/SlateGroupPlayer.swf < Because both a local Republican and a Democratic Congressperson have made an issue of PG&E's amazing lack of competence regarding this plant, PG&E has put offContinue reading “Diablo Canyon for Dummies (by Steve Brodner)”

Hardly Working: The economy today, by Steve Brodner

Steve Brodner, one of the hardest-working and most-talented pencil artists of our time, is moving away from his once-lovely Drawger site…but he's still putting up fascinating work on his own site.  To wit — Hardly Working, his depiction of the economy for lots and lots of us: http://www-tc.pbs.org/video/media/swf/PBSPlayer.swf Watch the full episode. See more NeedContinue reading “Hardly Working: The economy today, by Steve Brodner”