American public exceptionally dumb: Ted Rall

The 'toon below from Ted Rall is factually accurate. It's a fact that the much-reviled mainstream media reported on the NSA spying on Americans long before Edward Snowden spoke up. (To give an example, back in 2012 James Bamford in Wired reported that "The NSA…has the ability to eavesdrop on phone calls directly and in realContinue reading “American public exceptionally dumb: Ted Rall”

Editorial ‘toons w/facts: illographix from Brodner and Rall

The marvelously talented Steve Brodner, nominated for a prize by the design community, says he is pioneering a semi-new kind of drawing, the "illographix," which involves graphing and charting as well as illustration. Here's one example, worked out with two notables editors, and submitted for a prize:  Not sure how new this concept really is.Continue reading “Editorial ‘toons w/facts: illographix from Brodner and Rall”

The heroism of the unemployed (well, almost)

According to the Federal Reserve, it's not true that benefits for the unemployed leads to more unemployment. In the words of the government economists: Our analyses suggest that extended UI benefits account for about 0.4 percentage point of the nearly 6 percentage point increase in the national unemployment rate over the past few years. ItContinue reading “The heroism of the unemployed (well, almost)”