Biz mag publishes climate science: Heartland burned

One of the most fascinating revelations from the internal docs leaked from the Heartland Institute is about the business journal Forbes, which recently has begun publishing real honest-to-God climate science news. Unlike the Wall Street Journal.  Wrote Heartland in its "Climate Strategy" doc: Efforts at places such as Forbes are especially important now that they haveContinue reading “Biz mag publishes climate science: Heartland burned”

Business “Study” of CA’s Global Warming Law Bunk, Experts Say

When the word "study" is used to describe an analysis prepared by two professors at an accredited university, one expects a certain standard of thought and fairness. So it's genuinely shocking to discover that a "study" looking at California's ground-breaking global warming law, AB 32, by two professors at Sacramento State is so flawed asContinue reading “Business “Study” of CA’s Global Warming Law Bunk, Experts Say”