Scientific prophecy in CA: A new kind of heat wave

California stands at “ground zero” in the world of climate change, as the MacArthur grantee/genius Peter Gleick likes to say. This is not good news for forty million or so of us who live here, but for far-sighted scientists, it’s an opportunity. Gleick himself became known when as a graduate student decades ago he wroteContinue reading “Scientific prophecy in CA: A new kind of heat wave”

Biz mag publishes climate science: Heartland burned

One of the most fascinating revelations from the internal docs leaked from the Heartland Institute is about the business journal Forbes, which recently has begun publishing real honest-to-God climate science news. Unlike the Wall Street Journal.  Wrote Heartland in its "Climate Strategy" doc: Efforts at places such as Forbes are especially important now that they haveContinue reading “Biz mag publishes climate science: Heartland burned”

Water Use in U.S. Levels Off

Peter Gleick, water analyst extraordinare. and leader of The Pacific Institute, reveals that water consumption in the US of A has actually declined slightly in recent years, according to the USGS. This is a big deal, as he says, for this reason:  Water planners are trained to assume that as population and economies grow, waterContinue reading “Water Use in U.S. Levels Off”