No More Boiled Frogs! Dragons, Please

James Fallows of The Atlantic has been banging on against the boiled frog metaphor often used to describe the slow public reaction to the threat of climate change. Why? One reason: it’s not true (here). Personally, I’m sick and tired of the canary in a coal mine metaphor, but at least that has a basisContinue reading “No More Boiled Frogs! Dragons, Please”

Looking for a New Climate Change Metaphor: Canaries Exhausted

While on a book tour recently, Bill McKibben made an interesting point in an appearance in Santa Barbara. McKibben–a former New Yorker writer who wrote his first book on climate change back in l989–in an aside told the crowd that to expect the Sierra Club and traditional conservationists to take on global warming with "theContinue reading “Looking for a New Climate Change Metaphor: Canaries Exhausted”