McKibben stands up for the climate against Obama admin

Bill McKibben vs. Obama administrators: In March, 2009, the White House invited leaders of environmental organizations to a meeting. The invitees thought they were going to hear about the president’s strategy on climate change, in preparation for the United Nations Conference on Climate Change in Copenhagen in December. And they did — aides to theContinue reading “McKibben stands up for the climate against Obama admin”

Looking for a New Climate Change Metaphor: Canaries Exhausted

While on a book tour recently, Bill McKibben made an interesting point in an appearance in Santa Barbara. McKibben–a former New Yorker writer who wrote his first book on climate change back in l989–in an aside told the crowd that to expect the Sierra Club and traditional conservationists to take on global warming with "theContinue reading “Looking for a New Climate Change Metaphor: Canaries Exhausted”

Why Can’t American Forecasters Be This Frank?

The New York Times reports record high temperatures in Europe: PARIS, April 30 — The month of April was so warm and so dry across Western Europe that it rewrote the weather record books in country after country, national weather services said today, as hot air masses from Africa and the effects of a changingContinue reading “Why Can’t American Forecasters Be This Frank?”