Cap and Trade: FactCheck calls GOP liars

The ACES/Waxman-Markey bill to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, currently going nowhere in the Senate, has been victimized by a number of outrageous misrepresentations and figures. Even if you don't think the bill is the best answer to the challenge of global warming, as many do not, that doesn't justify flat-out lying. Here are the facts,Continue reading “Cap and Trade: FactCheck calls GOP liars”

Against Cap-and-Trade, for a Carbon Tax: Let’s Get Specific

The powerful World Wildfire Federation comes out unabashedly against cap-and-trade, issues harshly critical report entitled Emission Impossible: Emission Impossible looks at the carbon reduction plans of nine EU member states (UK, Germany, Poland, Ireland, France, Spain, Netherlands, Portugal and Italy) and estimates that 88-100% of these countries’ combined emissions reductions targets under the scheme couldContinue reading “Against Cap-and-Trade, for a Carbon Tax: Let’s Get Specific”