Against Cap-and-Trade, for a Carbon Tax: Let’s Get Specific

The powerful World Wildfire Federation comes out unabashedly against cap-and-trade, issues harshly critical report entitled Emission Impossible: Emission Impossible looks at the carbon reduction plans of nine EU member states (UK, Germany, Poland, Ireland, France, Spain, Netherlands, Portugal and Italy) and estimates that 88-100% of these countries’ combined emissions reductions targets under the scheme couldContinue reading “Against Cap-and-Trade, for a Carbon Tax: Let’s Get Specific”

Tax Carbon Now, Says LA Times

Despite being under tremendous pressure from their corporate overlords, the denizens of the LATimes continue to put out a remarkably good newspaper. Yesterday they ran the best editorial on reducing carbon emissions this reporter has ever seen, with a terrific lede: If you have kids, take them to the beach. They should enjoy it whileContinue reading “Tax Carbon Now, Says LA Times”

The Taxing Solution to Global Warming

A carbon tax is not a new idea; heck, The Economist proposed a carbon tax to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in l998. But the fact that a few idealistic conservatives (yes, the species still exists) are backing a carbon tax now is news. Especially since just two years ago Andrew Sullivan, the leader of theContinue reading “The Taxing Solution to Global Warming”