Chris Rock on Christmas and Jesus: a rant

Back in 1965, Charles Schultz gave us perhaps the best of all Christmas TV specials. Because it's not just about the season, it's about all that comes with it: depression, loneliness, and self-doubting, as well as family and the sweetness and holiness of the Nativity. It's sad, silly, funny, touching. It won all the bigContinue reading “Chris Rock on Christmas and Jesus: a rant”

Why “every little bit helps” may not with climate change

Marc Gunther runs a new sustainability blog for The Guardian, and brings an acerbic intelligence to the topic — no little b.s. stories about how a tiny innovation or change will save us from a big problem.  Example: plastic bags. Adam Corner for the blog writes: In 2014, England will follow the example set by WalesContinue reading “Why “every little bit helps” may not with climate change”

Christopher Hitchens: Why I hate Christmas

Well, at least the late, great Christopher Hitchens won't have to endure any more Christmas carols.  The core objection, which I restate every December at about this time, is that for almost a whole month, the United States—a country constitutionally based on a separation between church and state—turns itself into the cultural and commercial equivalentContinue reading “Christopher Hitchens: Why I hate Christmas”