Blaming the media turns vicious: May 2017

If there’s one fact in a tempestuous and confusing political scene that the vast majority of Americans agree about, it’s this: You can’t trust the media. According to Gallup, about 3/4ths of Americans disrespect the media. Among Republicans only 14 percent trust the media. Folks, it’s not daring and rebellious to blame the media forContinue reading “Blaming the media turns vicious: May 2017”

Why “every little bit helps” may not with climate change

Marc Gunther runs a new sustainability blog for The Guardian, and brings an acerbic intelligence to the topic — no little b.s. stories about how a tiny innovation or change will save us from a big problem.  Example: plastic bags. Adam Corner for the blog writes: In 2014, England will follow the example set by WalesContinue reading “Why “every little bit helps” may not with climate change”