McKibben/Toles: Ignore the climate/disaster connection!

It's long been my contention that environmental writers, artists, and speakers have to access the full range of human emotion to make the case for the urgency of action needed to preserve our existing climate — even bitterness, if necessary. Science and earnest appeals to reason simply aren't enough.  So it's good, in a rhetoricalContinue reading “McKibben/Toles: Ignore the climate/disaster connection!”

Extreme Weather, Coming to Your Town Soon

The new graphics columnist for The New York Times illustrates issues powerfully, as in today’s column. Charles Blow’s words make the point we all know: According to the Center for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters, there have been more than four times as many weather-related disasters in the last 30 years than in theContinue reading “Extreme Weather, Coming to Your Town Soon”

Nobel Prize Winner Sees Climate Disaster Ahead

According to Andy Revkin’s invaluable Dot Earth, Nobel Prize winner F. Sherwood Rowland foresees atmospheric CO2 soaring to the level of 1,000 parts per million, two or three times what most experts (such as James Hansen) consider sustainable, resulting in a disastrously different planet.   This brings to mind news of the filming of "TheContinue reading “Nobel Prize Winner Sees Climate Disaster Ahead”

A Short but Unfair Review of “The 11th Hour”

If there is one thing the imminent end of the world should not be, it’s boring. I’m sorry, but as much as I admire producer Leonardo DiCaprio for his acting and his long-standing commitment to environmental causes, this is a godawful piece of film. "The 11th Hour" knows a lot about science and the earth,Continue reading “A Short but Unfair Review of “The 11th Hour””