Chamber of Commerce: CO2 regs too costly to economy

"Stop the EPA from hijacking the economy!" So says the US Chamber of Commerce, and claims that the Obama administration's rules on power emissions will cost $50 billion.  Jim Morin sees it differently. After all, the Sandy clean-up alone cost US taxpayers $100 billion, according to those wild-haired radicals at USA Today.  

Live from the Pliocene: 400 ppm in 2013

As has been reported everywhere, one earthly species has changed the climate here on earth, driving warming CO2 levels (briefly) to 400 parts per million. When was the last time this happened? As Climate Central reported on May 3, there is no single, agreed-upon answer to when CO2 concentrations were last at this level, as studiesContinue reading “Live from the Pliocene: 400 ppm in 2013”

We saved the ozone layer. We can save the climate.

From Daniel Doniger at the NRDC last week, a reminder on the 25th anniversary of the signing of the Montreal Protocol, that Republicans and Democrats in this country, including the Reagan and Bush administration, allied to support an international treaty to save the ozone layer.  Millions of lives saved.  Hundreds of millions of cancers averted. Continue reading “We saved the ozone layer. We can save the climate.”

Michigan Congressman attacks EPA, ignores constituents

Fred Upton, the newly-named chairman of the House Commerce and Energy Committee, was once a moderate Republican on climate issues. He supported measures to reduce the risk of global warming. But after receiving a $20,000 donation from the climate-change-denying-fossil-fuel-billionaire Koch brothers, Upton now wants to strip the EPA of its Supreme Court-mandated power to regulateContinue reading “Michigan Congressman attacks EPA, ignores constituents”

Toles puts the oil spill in a global context

Toles sees the big picture: Unfortunately, it's too true. As Andrew Revkin of the NY Times pointed out a while back, if we actually could see CO2 pollution — if it were, say, pinkish in hue — we might be motivated to act to control emissions and preserve our present-day climate. What our species can'tContinue reading “Toles puts the oil spill in a global context”

Nobel Prize Winner Sees Climate Disaster Ahead

According to Andy Revkin’s invaluable Dot Earth, Nobel Prize winner F. Sherwood Rowland foresees atmospheric CO2 soaring to the level of 1,000 parts per million, two or three times what most experts (such as James Hansen) consider sustainable, resulting in a disastrously different planet.   This brings to mind news of the filming of "TheContinue reading “Nobel Prize Winner Sees Climate Disaster Ahead”

Deserts Far Better Carbon Sink Than Expected

Some actual good news today, from a research team at one of this countries premier climate research centers, the Desert Research Institute, which reports that unspectacular desert plants may be far better at taking CO2 out of the atmosphere than previously thought. The annual removal of the greenhouse gas from the atmosphere was upwards ofContinue reading “Deserts Far Better Carbon Sink Than Expected”