Climate change is like leprosy to the GOP: Untouchable

When Timothy Egan is good, he is great:  Climate change is to the Republican base what leprosy once was to healthy humans — untouchable and unmentionable. Their party is financed by people whose fortunes are dependent upon denying that humans have caused the earth’s weather patterns to change for the worse. From, of course, TheContinue reading “Climate change is like leprosy to the GOP: Untouchable”

Phoenix: Not busy being born is busy dying

Speaking of Dylan…one of his most famous lines, written forty-six years ago, is standing up to the test of time just fine, thank you, in Phoenix this year.  How so?  An example: The title of a High Country News story about the city's fate is called Demise of a Housing Growth Machine. The story focusesContinue reading “Phoenix: Not busy being born is busy dying”