Average August 2012 temperature in Phoenix: 100.2

As of today. That includes night: hasn't once fallen below 90 in weeks.   Map from a resident who — looking for a cool spot — cleverly overlaid a heat image of the city on a Google Earth map. After charting the cooler green locales (see link) Mark concluded he should live in the Phoenix Country Club. 

Is climate change impacting real estate in the Southwest?

In the United States today, according to the real estate site Zillow, the two cities in the most trouble are Phoenix, where a little more than half than half of all homeowners are underwater — where debt outweighs the equity — and Las Vegas, where an astounding 70% of homeowners are underwater.  Is it aContinue reading “Is climate change impacting real estate in the Southwest?”

Phoenix: Not busy being born is busy dying

Speaking of Dylan…one of his most famous lines, written forty-six years ago, is standing up to the test of time just fine, thank you, in Phoenix this year.  How so?  An example: The title of a High Country News story about the city's fate is called Demise of a Housing Growth Machine. The story focusesContinue reading “Phoenix: Not busy being born is busy dying”

Matt the Electrican mocks weather weenies of Phoenix

Went to see a gifted Austin folkie named Matt the Electrician at a "house concert" last night. (He got his name because he took up a building trade to support his music habit, which fortunately has developed well enough to support him and his family, now.) But he's still wry and funny, with a raskyContinue reading “Matt the Electrican mocks weather weenies of Phoenix”

The Beta on Downtown Phoenix

While visiting Phoenix recently, learned a useful new phrase — "the beta." Learned it from the proprietor at Conspire, a very cool coffeeshop/arthouse/neighborhood collective said to have the best coffee in town. Conspire was once an ordinary house, but has become a 21st-century hang-out., The Americano-style coffee is absolutely superb, perhaps the best I've everContinue reading “The Beta on Downtown Phoenix”

Phoenix: What Happens When a City Built on Growth Begins to Shrink?

At a session called Sustainability and Growth: How Can a City Develop Sustainably When its Identity is Built on Growth? this Monday morning at the American Meteorological Society convention a development expert named Grady Grammage colorfully dispelled some myths and revealed some little-known truths about Phoenix. One myth: Phoenix is unsustainable because it imports water.Continue reading “Phoenix: What Happens When a City Built on Growth Begins to Shrink?”