Eliza Gilkyson solo for Acoustic Guitar

Eliza Gilkyson, despite having been nominated for a Grammy last year, remains one of our most-overlooked pop stars. Well, not pop. As a singer, a songwriter, and guitarist, she shines brilliantly from afar, as she demonstrates in a lovely interview and performance for Acoustic Guitar. In her quiet way, she’s fierce. Acoustic Guitar Sessions PresentsContinue reading “Eliza Gilkyson solo for Acoustic Guitar”

The power of Deportees: Lance Canales + the Flood

Sixty-eight years ago today Woody Guthrie wrote a poem about a plane crash, in which three dozen field workers died, but were not even named [Rui Brai] in media accounts (including the NYTimes). Ten years later Guthrie's words were put to music by school teacher Martin Hoffman. This became the song Deportee, surely one of the most powerfulContinue reading “The power of Deportees: Lance Canales + the Flood”

Eliza Gilkyson: I’m so worried about everything

Eliza Gilkyson is a folk singer, an unexpectedly good guitar player, and a wit. For years she's been writing about nuclear war, environmental and economic collapse, and has had the nerve to issue whole records on these themes (notably the excellent song "The Party's Over").  But she also writes songs about herself, of course, andContinue reading “Eliza Gilkyson: I’m so worried about everything”

A Black Swan in White Face (The Great Correction)

Wendell Berry, the conservative poet without a website, has a phrase for the slightly crazed exuberance of American culture in the last few decades. With a caustic shrug, he calls it the "cheap energy mind." Problem is, our time in this mindset — and its denial — seems to have run out with $4.00 gas.Continue reading “A Black Swan in White Face (The Great Correction)”