Oddest of strategies to condemn homosexuals: Wendell Berry

The culture mostly ignores the Kentucky-based writer and poet Wendell Berry, despite his vast eloquence, save on two subjects. (Or so he claims.) Undeniably he is heard regarding his distaste for computers, and his compassion for gay people who want to marry. The latter he phrases memorably in an interview with the Associated Baptist Press: Continue reading “Oddest of strategies to condemn homosexuals: Wendell Berry”

The Future of Love

Finally will it not be enough,after much living, aftermuch love, after much dyingof those you have loved,to sit on the porch near sundownwith your eyes simply open,watching the wind shape the cloudsinto the shapes of clouds? Even then you will rememberthe history of love, shaped in the shapes of flesh, everchanbgngas the clouds that pass,Continue reading “The Future of Love”

A Black Swan in White Face (The Great Correction)

Wendell Berry, the conservative poet without a website, has a phrase for the slightly crazed exuberance of American culture in the last few decades. With a caustic shrug, he calls it the "cheap energy mind." Problem is, our time in this mindset — and its denial — seems to have run out with $4.00 gas.Continue reading “A Black Swan in White Face (The Great Correction)”

Abolish the Lawn: Plant a Garden

Back in the l990’s, which seem more than ever like the good ol’ days, the great environmental writer Michael Pollan said we should Abolish the White House Lawn. Now he faces the most vexing aspect of greenhouse gas emissions — what’s in it for me? — head on. In The New York Times green issue,Continue reading “Abolish the Lawn: Plant a Garden”