An emerging environmental/minority climate coalition?

In the Nation, Mark Hertsgaard outlines the possibility of an emerging majority coalition composed of minority and environmental voters: "Just as Latinos overwhelmingly supported Obama over Romney, they also—along with African-Americans, Asian-Americans and youth of all races—demonstrate the highest levels of support for action against climate change and air pollution, according to extensive polling data.  InContinue reading “An emerging environmental/minority climate coalition?”

Monbiot: Environmentalism is stuck

George Monbiot is not the first enviro to argue that the movement, if it is a movement, has argued itself into a corner. That it is, as he says, "stuck." But he has a knack for putting it plainly:  Those seeking to protect the landscape are not our enemies; nor are those advocating that renewablesContinue reading “Monbiot: Environmentalism is stuck”