Sierra Nevadas to change this century: UCLA researcher

The snowpack this year in the Sierra Nevada soared to 170% of normal: just two years ago at the annual measuring date at the end of March (attended by Governor Brown) it stood at 5%. This extreme variability of the California climate will become routine this century argues researcher Daniel Swain of UCLA. Here’s myContinue reading “Sierra Nevadas to change this century: UCLA researcher”

Arguing in the Senate over global warming: Good times!

Best coverage of a Senate hearing on the subject of global warming yesterday goes to a post at Science magazine's Insider blog, which also links to Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders epic (forty-minute) take down of Oklahoma senator Inhofe, for his absurd "global warming is a hoax" claim.  The real news is that Senate Democrats haveContinue reading “Arguing in the Senate over global warming: Good times!”

These are not your grandfather’s thunderstorms: Masters

For over a decade climatologists have been saying, and I have been reporting, that we will be seeing more extremes in weather. This goes unnoticed in the here and now of daily reporting, but it's true.  Here's a map of yesterday's thunderstorms over Gotham and the East: Jeff Masters commented this morning: The severe stormsContinue reading “These are not your grandfather’s thunderstorms: Masters”

What part of that extreme was due to climate change?

Superb — and available! — story in this month's Nature on how researchers are beginning to parse the contribution of global warming to extreme events. Highly recommended.  It's called "fractional attribution." Here's an easier way to grasp the concept: To put it in English: Inspired by the observation that intense rainfall in the Northern HemisphereContinue reading “What part of that extreme was due to climate change?”