Sierra Nevadas to change this century: UCLA researcher

The snowpack this year in the Sierra Nevada soared to 170% of normal: just two years ago at the annual measuring date at the end of March (attended by Governor Brown) it stood at 5%. This extreme variability of the California climate will become routine this century argues researcher Daniel Swain of UCLA. Here’s myContinue reading “Sierra Nevadas to change this century: UCLA researcher”

Thinking about wildness in CA: Daniel Duane

Daniel Duane first came across my media screen last summer with a spectacular essay in the NYTimes Sunday Review — My Dark California Dream — in which he thought through some of the problems that have hit California lately, from wildfire to drought to traffic to the devastation of sea life off our shores. ButContinue reading “Thinking about wildness in CA: Daniel Duane”

The fate of the mountains under climate change: a ray of hope for the Sierra?

In his inimitably far-sighted way, John Muir considered the fate of the Sierra Nevada in an era of climate change, long before global warming even began to take hold. In August 1875, in his journal, he wrote:  I often wonder what man will do with the mountains…Will human destructions like those of Nature — fireContinue reading “The fate of the mountains under climate change: a ray of hope for the Sierra?”