Rockefeller charity calls Exxon “morally reprehensible,” disinvests

Today a fifty-year-old charity founded by the descendants of John Rockefeller, of Standard Oil wealth, disinvested their funds from Exxon Mobil and accused the company of misleading the public to enable the company to damage the climate. In a statement the Rockefeller Family Fund called the company morally reprehensible and said: “Evidence appears to suggest that theContinue reading “Rockefeller charity calls Exxon “morally reprehensible,” disinvests”

Palin Takes Global Warming Advice from Exxon-paid “Scientists”

For years environmentalists have been pressuring the US Department of the Interior to list the polar bear as a species threatened by global warming, arguing that their habitat — specifically, polar ice — is at risk. There is no doubt that polar ice is shrinking dramatically, a fact the scientific consensus links to global warming:Continue reading “Palin Takes Global Warming Advice from Exxon-paid “Scientists””

Ike Knocks Nation’s Largest Refinery Out ’til October

Because Hurricane Ike has blown out power to much of the Texas coast, the nation’s largest refinery — the Exxon Bayless facility, which can produce over 500,000 barrels a day — will be out of commission at least until September 30th. That’s according to the WSJ, which adds in conclusion: So while the economy isContinue reading “Ike Knocks Nation’s Largest Refinery Out ’til October”