Low gas prices: a climate-destroying trap?

A scholar, Ruth Greenspan Bell, and Max Rodenbeck, a former Middle East editor for The Economist, argue in an op-ed in today's Los Angeles Times that the drop in oil prices has as much to do with keeping the U.S. addicted to oil, not to mention defeating climate-saving initiatives, as it does with anything else. Continue reading “Low gas prices: a climate-destroying trap?”

Refiners push up gas prices in CA today: L.A. Times

A sharp letter to the editor this past weekend alerted me to a startlingly good Los Angeles Times story I had missed on California's high gas prices, complete with a graph that almost tells the story itself. Here's the letter, from Jim Cody of North Hollywood:  The graph that accompanied this article, which shows how crudeContinue reading “Refiners push up gas prices in CA today: L.A. Times”

Ike Knocks Nation’s Largest Refinery Out ’til October

Because Hurricane Ike has blown out power to much of the Texas coast, the nation’s largest refinery — the Exxon Bayless facility, which can produce over 500,000 barrels a day — will be out of commission at least until September 30th. That’s according to the WSJ, which adds in conclusion: So while the economy isContinue reading “Ike Knocks Nation’s Largest Refinery Out ’til October”

The Wheel Turns — Against Gasoline

Shocked by high gas prices? You’re not alone: according to the lead story in yesterday’s Los Angeles Times, prices are at a record high. The gravity-defying price of oil shot through another barrier Monday by briefly touching $103.95 a barrel in New York trading, the highest cost ever for black gold even after adjusting forContinue reading “The Wheel Turns — Against Gasoline”